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Some people are scared of A.I. because they think it’s actually intelligent (like people intelligence) and those who know better are not telling, because they profit from the illusion. Well, most A.I. is basically: if A, then B. (Machine learning: if more like A, then more like B)*

Same with those algorithms.

My facebook friends might have seen that I’m a fan of Yoko Ono. I mean she’s great, I love her since the first time I saw some of her works at my first Venice Biennale. Full of love, 100% positive hippie message, like the last 50 years never happened, while still being smart, unique and beautiful. And at the same time still political, restless in the struggle for a better world and to end war. Wow! And what’s with the other ‚All you need is love/yesterday/sergeant pepper‘-gang? Fucking Paul McCartney became a Sir, that I know, officially honored by her majesty, the (bloody) queen. Seriously?

Fuck the Beatles!

Let me explain. The Beatles are still mostly memorized not even as the late Beatles, their last albums, recordings, gigs, before … well.. John Lennon left the band. Because of Yoko as the narrative goes. Since then none of them did anything anyone cared about. While Yoko did. She spend her whole fucking life building a legacy and creating a body of works, that is epic. I mean, you can like it or not, doesn’t matter, but she’s an more than established female artist, she is a historic figure, she is a living legend, while still (among folks) being reduced to „she split up the Beatles“. Listen the albums: the band was dead before.

So here’s my point: Since I subscribed the Yoko page I’m constantly receiving Beatles and Beatles related ads. But I really don’t care about the Beatles. I really don’t need a Beatles collectors CD-box. (And I think nobody does in the year 2021) And it’s fine that Julian Lennon is making music, but I don’t care about him. Not one bit. So zero desire here on my side for following one of those countless fan pages.

So why Im stressing this? A: Because it’s fucking patriarchy. People (and that is all the algorithm shows: the majority of related clicks) still more identify her as the wife of fucking John Lennon and don’t see or don’t care about the artist that she is. While I’m part of the minority that is following the artist, while not being interested in any Beatles content at all, which lead to my misery. And B: Robots are dumb af and we (the audience) need to find a way to deal with this stupidity. But there is no dialog, so how?

Of course I realize that it might be her putting some of those ads and still cashing in on the fame, because she can, yes. But it’s you buying it, you know.

Imagine (lol) a salesman comes to your door and offers to buy a Beatles collectors box (12 cds and maybe some print stuff), which you politely decline and tell him to get lost. Now imagine the same salesman coming again with the same request. How often does he need to come before you just take the fucking box? Robots are brutally following this logic and just keep coming until sales are good, while being unaware of any social concepts like ‚politeness‘ or ‚respect‘.

So if the programmer is an asshole (or his client, who usually is) he might tell the robot to just keep coming over and over until that fucking box is fucking sold and he doesn’t care if the robot needs to ask you 2 times or 2000 times. (What’s your limit?) So let’s picture it, you after declining it numberous times, finally being completly will broken, on your knees, crying, full of resignation finally buying the box from this fucking guy, he grabs your money and after a friendly prescripted „Have a good day, sir!“ He leaves, only to come back after 2 seconds, trying to sell you another box. How does it make you feel? I don’t know, but I know how the robot feels: not at all.

Just a thought, but I think we (the people) need to set the limit here by saying: no. Hell no. Fuck no. Get out of my house, robot!

OK, points being made, steam has being blown off, maybe not all bad. I mean, what I’m trying to say here: did I need this box? I don’t even have a CD-Drive anymore! But in the end it contains more then 100 classic rock songs and it might be a good invest for the future, if they have CD-drives again?

(Just kidding, I didn’t buy)

So here is my personal little wish piece, in the tradition of Yoko Ono and for Yoko Ono:

Take a deep breath.
Be proud of who you are and what you did.
Let go of the Beatles, because you are Yoko Ono.

(Feminist piece, 2021)



I felt like writing this blog article and I don’t know why. Maybe I needed to feel myself like a blogger. Maybe I missed to articulate myself, just to order my thoughts a little and get rid of shit. It is still pandemic and not so much is happening, so there is a lack of social interaction I guess. But this paragraph was mostly for the article not to end with the ‚wish piece‘ that I wrote for Yoko, for layout reason, but also framing it a little. So, yes.

Thank you for reading and stay awesome!




* Its a joke, relax.


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