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Stepwise Records

Stepwise Records

(Foto: Florian Jeworutzki)

Stepwise Records SWR001
Adubta meets Illbilly Hitec feat. Longfingah



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Bass Kafé

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Flyer me to the moon

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Hot Spots

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My poster provides a cynical view on the future of human transportation as a consequence of shortsighted energy use.

„Circle of transportation“ contains the message that the continuing thoughtless waste of fossil fuels will lead us back to medieval conditions if we don’t develop an awareness of proper resource management. The design of the poster is really aggressive, to affect and to confront people with the problem.

I decided to do it without a slogan, so that it’s not limited to one single language and the message can be understood by everyone equaly.

(Studienarbeit „Hot Spots“, 2009)


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Wikileaks Shirt

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Design for Wikileaks (visit

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